Loose Ends

The following is a selection of loose ends which may be followed up by the investigators…

The Haunting

  • The cause of the investigators’ deaths (see PC personal connections for motivation)
  • The contents of the Latin tome found in the Corbitt estate is still unknown
  • The body of Corbitt himself was not recovered
  • The mysterious symbol found at the Chapel is unknown
  • The location of Reverend Michael Thomas is unknown
  • The Chapel of Contemplation & Church of our Lord Granter of Secrets and its cult could be investigated or encountered again!
  • The mysterious judge Oliver has left Boston. His last known itinerary being a trip in the Orient Express

The Edge of Darkness

  • The mysterious glyphs on the inside of the gold sarcophagus were never translated. A connection with a mythical “Mu” is suspected
  • Who killed Marion Allen in New Orleans and why?

The Madman

  • Harny Rooger, The man who helped destroy Jenning, Vermont, is unaccounted for and may still be a threat

Dead Man’s Stomp

  • Mr. Turner’s mysterious trumpet is in the hands of the investigators for further study

Spare the Rod

  • It is unknown what the spirit of Goody Fowler did with the body of Christopher Seaton

Loose Ends

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