Cthulhu Fhtagn

January 13th, 1920

A Party Unites

At the request of their communal mentor, Rupert Merriweather, three individuals were able to combine their efforts to overcome an eldritch horror. This entity, the result of innocent nineteenth century experimentation with the occult, had been trapped in the Merriweather farmhouse until his recent death. The success of the investigators resulted in the banishment of the entity, removing a major threat to the people of Ross’s Corners. The investigators were able to plant the dissected corpses of a missing farmer’s wife and the hobo Red Jake (both killed by the entity) in the farmhouse before burning it down, effectively covering-up the supernatural events surrounding the building. Though the sanity of the investigators was tested in the face of such unnatural horror, these three strangers came away from the events of the farmhouse with a greater understanding of what lies beyond frail human perception and will share a strong bond going forward.

Arkham gazette jan 15 1920



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