Cthulhu Fhtagn

February 2nd, 1920

Jazz and Mythos in the Big Apple

After being summoned individually by Boethius Cartwright, the investigators met to discuss the extraordinary events which have occurred recently. After comparing notes on recent events, the investigators have agreed to form a society to further investigate these unnatural events, the Fellowship of Inquiry. The first task of the Fellowship, at the request of Dr. Cartwright, was to travel to New York city to collect a number of books about the occult from Columbia University’s Dr. Robert Smith. While waiting for Dr. Smith, the investigators were drawn into a mystery surrounding New York trumpeter Leroy Turner and his trumpet which could apparently raise the dead. After tracking down Mr. Turner and having a run-in with the mob which left Xavier in the hospital, the investigators were led to a graveyard where Mr. Turner was attempting to “raise” his dead wife. Mr. Turner was successful… not only in raising his dead wife from her grave, but returning all occupants of the graveyard to this world (at least temporarily). Victoria Woodridge was successful in killing Mr. Turner (who was then risen by the echo of his own playing!) and barely escaping the cemetery with their sanity and lives.

The investigators were able to collect the books requested before leaving in the morning, along with arranging to have Xavier transferred to Arkham for further treatment. Before leaving New York, the investigators were able to abscond with Mr. Turner’s trumpet for further study. Upon returning to Arkham and meeting with Boethius to retell the events experienced, several key details were left out of the discussion, including the unnatural trumpet. Clearly, the Fellowship of Inquiry still has a way to go in order to succeed in discovering the true nature of the universe.

New york times february 4th 1920



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